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nonprofit consultation services and pricing

Flat Fee | $300.00

 —A flat fee is a fixed payment for a project within a defined time period, with specific deliverables. For example, a nonprofit may pay a flat fee for The NonProfx, LLC to create a case for support or to execute a board retreat.

Retainer Services

Starting at $500.00 | mo.

Based on Scope of Project

— A retainer fee is an upfront, recurring charge for larger, long-term projects. A nonprofit may pay a monthly retainer fee for The NonProfx, LLC help over the course of a capital campaign or to provide Nonprofit Coaching services, for example.


Starting at $40.00 | hr.

— An hourly fee is paid to The NonProfx, LLC for Grant related projects/services, NonProfit Education Services or for smaller projects that require less time investment from the consultant. For example, a nonprofit may pay an hourly fee for weekly check-ins or meetings.

A la Carte

Starting at just $70.00

Customizable documents used to support operational functions or to seek financial support and funding. See full Service and Pricing for specific pricing of these types of services.

Flat Fee Services 

Half Deposit due at the second consultation or before the start of the project (First Consultation is Free)

Standard Turnaround is 2-weeks (14-days Excluding Holiday)

Campaign pre-planning services including à la carte fundraising feasibility study or ironing out your case statement.


Feasibility Study - identifies barriers to current fundraising plan

Donor Retention Plan - develop cyclical planning for retaining current donors. Includes templated letters and emails to donors during donor engagement, after donating, and for the end-of-year campaign.

Strategic Fundraising Plan - includes Fundraising Calendar/Timeline, Social Media Engagement, and Fundraising Strategies​ ​​​

Flat Fee

A la Carte Service 

Case Statement | Starts at $350.00

  • An evocative opening statement. 

  • A brief overview of your organization. 

  • A clear statement of fundraising needs. 

  • An acknowledgment of recent achievements. 

  • A forward-thinking mission statement. 


Fundraising Calendar/Timeline | Starts at $400.00

  • Parallels business plan or fundraising plan, yearly and monthly goals.

  • Includes fundraising calendar.

  • Includes Strategic SMART Goals worksheet.


Board Orientation Packet  | $185.00

  • Includes board position description summary - Customized to your organization.

Volunteer Orientation Packet | $195.00

Letter of Intent (More Commonly Known  as) Proposal Letter | $90.00

Letter Writing Campaign Templated Letter | $70.00

Sponsorship Letter | $70.00

A la Carte

Hourly Services

Workshops: Founder and CEO, Cheyenne McGregor offers signature workshops to interested individuals and groups within the nonprofit community, interested in learning the keys to becoming, what she calls, a ‘Profitable Nonprofit’. Learn More >>

Professional development classes, presentation-style lectures, and staff training | $100/hr. * (Plus Travel, Transportation + Board, if necessary)​​. Learn More >>

Grant Research  | Starts at $40.00/hr

  • A recommended first step in pursuing grant funding is researching feasible grants that match your cause as well as your organization’s need and/or programs.

  • Typically takes 3-6 hours depending on the scope.

Grant Writing Services | Starts at $40.00/hr for Non-government grants | $45+ for government grants

  • A separate and specific consultation will be held once that service is decided upon.

NonProfit CoachingStarts at $50.00/hr

  • More than just a consultant, a NonProfx Coach Provides the support of a Business Coach with the insight of a NonProfit Leader that will give you the extra push and accountability you need to continue to meet milestones after receiving NonProfx services.


Retainer Services

Fundraising Campaign Direction and Nonprofit Management Coaching (Seasonal Availability)

Personal Nonprofit Coach and Consultant | Starts at $500.00/mon.

  • A separate and specific consultation will be held once that service is decided upon.

Capital Campaign Consultant | Starts at $650.00/mon.

  • A separate and specific consultation will be held once that service is decided upon.

Event Planning | Starts at $650.00/mon.

  • Includes Fundraising Events; Community Outreach and Community Partnership Based Events.

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