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To help grow small and sprouting nonprofits into the most efficient and impactful organizations that change the world.


Create a network of nonprofits empowered with the knowledge, tools and a clear pathway to carry out their mission and foster a lasting positive impact in the lives of those they serve.

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Our Calling

The people who decide to start a nonprofit are brave individuals, intensely passionate about their cause and finding ways to improve circumstances around that cause. 


They often start with a small group of like-minded people who draw on their personal networks, connections and even pockets to get things going. Soon events are being planned, services are being provided, programs are coming into formation, months turn into years, and yet the number of resources to sustain or grow services remains limited. Competition among different charities increases by the day as new ones emerge, and the ability to scream above the crowd in order to capture invaluable donors or grant funding becomes more challenging.


Founder and CEO, Cheyenne McGregor, recognized this common story as a Freelance Grant Writer and Director of one of Florida’s leading nonprofits. While providing freelance services, she frequently found herself doing more consulting as she helped clients gather documents for grants (many of which they often didn’t have or know to have). She realized how easy it is to start a nonprofit with an amazing mission and heart to carry out that mission but still struggle to find the right tools and information to flourish your nonprofit. Cheyenne knew that if more nonprofit leaders would start to view and approach their organization as a business they could create a strong foundation, then a structure, later a plan, and finally an actualized mission. She also knew that information is power. But the knowledge on how to start and sustain a thriving nonprofit is not common knowledge and that which is offered can be pricey and out of reach for the majority of sprouting nonprofits struggling for funding. 


The NonProfx was birthed from this need within the nonprofit community. Simply put … The NonProfx is here to help the people that help people. To give the knowledge and tools for you to grow your nonprofit into a profitable, efficient and most of all impactful organization that changes the world.



Cheyenne C. McGregor, Founder and CEO

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Cheyenne McGregor, relocated to Florida as she began her academic career at Florida A&M University where she studied Broadcast Journalism. As a student, Cheyenne worked for the Tallahassee Democrat as both a News Writer and Community Relations Specialist. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in 2011, she went on to accept the position of News Producer at CBS affiliate – WCTV News. 

She received her Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Florida State University in 2015, while also earning certifications in Project Management and Multicultural Marketing. At the same time, she continued to challenge herself by working full-time at one of Florida’s largest nonprofits, which was then known as Big Bend Community Based Care — helping to provide rights and benefits for children in foster care and earning a Certification in Child Welfare.

In 2015, Cheyenne relocated to Orlando where she began her position at Wyndham Worldwide headquarters as its Content Producer. In 2017, she began a new role as Senior Event Marketing Specialist for AgileOne — part of the ActOne Group owned by Janice Bryant Howroyd, best known as the first African American woman to build and own a billion-dollar company. However, working for Fortune 500 companies did not fulfill Cheyenne, or speak to her calling to create a positive impact in the lives of those in need. After years of prayer to have a career, which combined her passion to directly help individuals while utilizing her talents and experience, she would finally get that opportunity in her current position as Director of Grants and Communications at one of Florida’s leading nonprofit organizations. Since taking on this role in 2017, she has obtained certifications in Grant Writing and Volunteer Management.

In addition, Cheyenne took on freelance projects for startup nonprofits seeking funding through grants and capital campaigns. From these client experiences, she contemplated the idea behind The NonProfx. A company designed to empower sprouting nonprofits with the tools and knowledge to thrive through sustainable cash flow, partnerships, and a strong organizational structure using proven methods for profitability, proficiency, and above all, to effect lasting change.  

In just the last two years, Cheyenne has raised nearly 2 million dollars (since 2019) in individual, government, and local funding.

Cheyenne is always looking for ways to use her personal life experiences to help those in her community through volunteering and coaching. She is an Executive Member of Black Bussiness Orlando serving as its Communications and Nonprofit Specialist, helping to establish its nonprofit branch BBO Cares, Inc. She is also a life coach through a nonprofit called Jobs Partnerships of Central Florida. In addition, she volunteers at The Kingdom Church, FSU Mentorship, and Valencia College’s Women's Empowerment Group — ROAR! And as a self-proclaimed “lifelong learner,” she has also continued to grow her knowledge as a doctoral student at Regent University’s online school.

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